Chicago Urban Agriculture DIRECTORY

This page is currently in development. It includes partial lists of Chicago area farms, gardens and urban agriculture-related organizations, services, blogs, listservs, reports, guides, and other resources. A much more complete list of Chicago area farms and gardens can be found in the map and directory of our Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project (CUAMP) website, which is constantly being updated and improved upon. In the coming months, AUA and CUAMP will be asking growing sites to complete a detailed survey that will produce project profiles that enable volunteers, consumers, vendors, and growers to more easily connect with nearby farms and gardens. It will also provide AUA with new information – such as how many jobs are created through urban agriculture in the Chicago area – that can be used for promoting good urban agriculture policy.

In the meantime, if you have a farm, garden, organization, service, blog or other urban agriculture-related resource that ought to be listed here, please contact us at

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